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Shout out to Press2Reset


So I’ve been writing for Press2Reset for a while now. My first journey into news writing so I’ve been pretty stoked to be a part of it!

This past week I covered a few things, but the one I’m going to mention is that Remedy has stated their ‘admiration’ for Skyrim and Skyrim’s story-driven success. Admiration is great, but I feel that so many companies have been bringing Skyrim up like this. Dragon Age, in another P2R article, cited how they’re watching Skyrim for inspiration in their next game and it goes on like that. Be your own game company for frack sakes.

It’s hard enough living in a life of sequels, now all the games are going to morph into one cluster-conglomerate-blegh? I digress.

Remedy has been doing just fine; they’re 0wn story-heavy games should be inspiration for how a good plot can make a title.

Why does Bethesda do so well? Because for the most part they seem to create their own ideas and ride them straight to hell if need be.

www.press2reset.com visit for the whole story and more!@


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Update 1


I’m sorting out my business on here and think I’ve got a system.

Mondays I will be doing a shout out to Press2Reset, and go over what I’ve covered over their all week, as well as the other awesome stuff they got going on!

I’ve also got my other blog almost done. It will be full of my story writing and that aspect of my brain. Mostly Fantasy, Sci-fi type stuff but also some non-otherworldy short stories. I’ll link when I get some content on there as it’s kinda empty right now, heh.

I’ll be trying to organise some of the stuff on here a little more as I know I’m moments away from falling into complete post anarchy!

Off I go!


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